PFSense tftp-server-name DHCP option

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PFSense tftp-server-name DHCP option

Postby curlee » Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:06 am

PfSense for some reason does not have a tftp-server-name DHCP option. To add this option:

Mount the file system writable
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mount -w /

Add this code at Line 238 in /etc/inc/
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if ($dhcpifconf['tftp-server-name'])
    $dhcpdconf .= " option tftp-server-name \"{#dhcpifconf['tftp-server-name']}\";\n";

Edit your config.xml and add this code under pfsense/dhcpd/lan (or whatever adapter you need a tfpt-server-name option):
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