Free BSD 5.x Installation Cheat Sheet

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Free BSD 5.x Installation Cheat Sheet

Postby curlee » Wed May 03, 2006 12:46 pm

1) Make sure that your bios is set to boot from cdrom.
2) Insert and boot the FreeBsd 5.x .iso image you burned.
3) From the main menu choose 'standard' installation.
4) In the fdisk editor make sure all existing partitions are deleted and
choose "a" to use the entire disk for freebsd, then "q" to quit.
5) In the Disklabel Editor, create the following partitions:
wd0s1a / 128MB as UFS
wd0s1b swap 128MB as swap (2-3 times ram)
wd0s1e /var 128MB
wd0s1f /usr remaining as UFS
/tmp will be created automatically in the /usr directory and linked
to /tmp, you will need it there so it can use the extra space for large
builds etc.
Choose "q" to quit and save
6) Choose Distributions: X-User
7) Choose installation media. In this case CDROM.
8) Answer 'no' everything except setting your time zone.
9) When you are asked if you would like to add additional packages?
Packages: net/cvsup-bin-16.1
10) Additional users: No
11) Set your root password
12) Install the Source:
On the main installation menu: configure - distributions - Source - All
13) reboot
14) # adduser
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